Perfecting the Art of Social Media

DohaCreatives Community asked some of Doha’s social media gurus to exclusively share the one piece of advice they would give to social media enthusiasts. I was chosen as one of those gurus to participate with a few tips.

Perfecting the Art of Social Media

Perfecting the Art of Social Media

My advice was the following:

  • Always remember that Social Media is a Human to Human (H2H) interaction. Forget about business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B) interaction, it’s all about H2H! Be authentic, have a transparent attitude and a genuine tone of voice.
  • Don’t over-market your content! Rather than promoting your brand and advertising it yourself, it’s always best to focus on earned media attention whereby your fans and followers speak positively of your brand.
  • Content is king! Without creative, entertaining, and relevant content your social media platforms will lose traction no matter how hard you try to promote your brand.

Checkout the full guide here

ahussam Tips

ahussam Tips


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