Intel: ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ Ads

I came accross these strange series of Ads created by Intel for their new campaign ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’, pretty weird yet cool in a “geeky” way! I’ve decided to compile them here as it took me a while to find the whole series together online, also Intel has provided them for download on their presskit page



Our parties aren’t like your parties: 

Our perks aren’t like your perks: 

Our co-workers aren’t like your co-workers: 

Our team players aren’t like your team players:

Our jokes aren’t like your jokes: 

Our doodle aren’t like your doodles:

Our big ideas aren’t like your big ideas:

Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars:

Our dedication isn’t like your dedication:

Our meetings aren’t like your meetings:

Madagascar Penguins Ads:

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